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Love marriage specialist in Pune- astrologer’s reason behind failure in love marriage

Love marriage is one of the most sacred relationships for lovers. Because in it, lovers tie their knot and hold the hand of each for life long. There is nothing like love marriage for them because it is like heaven to them. Although, you need to better understand that how much does it is meant to people. But when everything goes right, just because few of the things sometimes love marriage can’t happen. The reason is given by our love marriage problem solution specialist astrologer are as follows.

According to astrology, If Saturn aspects or is sitting on the 7th house then it will lead to late marriage. Still, Saturn is sitting with Venus or Jupiter it will also happen. Saturn governs over 7th house especially in the case of Cancer and Leo. Hence, they must delay their marriages or else they will face partition.

If Sun aspects or is sitting on the 7th house it will grant a late marriage. The native will have the troubles of ego in the relationship. Says love marriage specialist astrologer in Pune.

Mars is recognized as a planet of fighting. When Mars aspects or is sitting on the 7th house then native must hold up his marriage or else it will create problem in nuptial life. The native must marry subsequent to he turns 28 as the energy of Mars gets matured at the age 28.

Rahu is very much irrational and obsessive, leads a person to an illegal marriage. When Rahu sits on the 7th house then it makes a person to attract strongly and makes him compulsive. It will be the reason for his untimely marriage. But the native will get alienated after the illusion gets over as Rahu is an illusion. Those who have Rahu in their 7th house must think cautiously before marriage. 

Love marriage problem solution specialist baba ji in Pune

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